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RIB Care

RIB Care - Medical Supplies at xTWOstore

Fighting COVID-19 together to save lives

What is RIB Care?

RIB Care is a non-profit initiative of the RIB Software Group. Its goal is to send urgently needed medical equipment from China to the rest of the world. The RIB Care team works around the clock to source and ship essential medical supplies. The costs related to these activities are fully covered by donations. Only medical equipment is paid by the applicant.

Who can request medical goods?

Any hospital or medical facility around the world can register and ask for urgently needed articles from RIB Care.

How can I request medical supplies?

To request items, you simply need to fill out the "Request form for medical supplies" on the RIB Care website. As soon as we receive your request, we will confirm it by e-mail and inform you about the procedure and payment methods. You only pay for the material, not for procurement and delivery. The latter are already financed by donations.

How can I support this initiative?

If you would like to join us in the fight against the virus, you can simply donate to the RIB Care Fund by bank transfer. Banking details can be found on the RIB Care donation page.

In order to ensure the transparency of this non-profit campaign, RIB will provide all donors with a formal report on the performance and impact of the campaign on the RIB Care website at the end of our RIB Care campaign. If the funds collected are not fully used, we will ensure that the unused funds will be refunded to the donors.

Impressions of the initiative

The RIB Care Team prepares packages RIB Care - The finished packages are waiting to be shipped.
RIB Care packages with logo in close-up The RIB Care Team loads the transporter
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