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The series GROHE Euphoria at xTWOstore

Showering Pleasure with Euphoria Shower Sets and Systems

GROHE Euphoria brings luxurious shower experience at an affordable price

With GROHE Euphoria's shower systems and shower bath collection, the dream of a luxurious shower experience can effortlessly come true at an affordable price. Shower systems are available in various models and sizes that go well with our vast range of shower mixers and shower curtains. Besides, the fittings are also offered in myriad designs to suit your desires, whether it's a shower system with a thermostatic valve, a diverter or a single-lever mixer. Thanks to the surface-mounted installation, you can easily install a walk-in shower and shower baths which is ideal for any modern bathroom idea. >>Read more


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Take Pleasure in Bathing with GROHE Euphoria Series

Unique designs that fits in every bathroom

The Euphoria series includes:

Shower sets with a hand shower.

Complete shower systems with hand shower and shower head.

Individual hand showers.

Individual hand showers are ideal if you want to refurbish an existing shower system or when you need a new hand shower. They are very easy to connect to standard hoses.

There is a head shower of the correct size for all shower cubicles. You can choose from no less than six different sizes: 180 mm, 190 mm, 210 mm, 260 mm and 310 mm in diameter, as well as a square model of 152 x 152 mm. As for the hand showers, they all have a diameter of 110 mm. The shower rails in the shower sets have a length of 920 mm, and two lengths are available for the shower systems, 1117 mm and 1132 mm. Please refer to the product description for complete specifications.

You can order the EasyReach shower trays and enclosures separately to get convenient storage space. With it, you will always have shower gel, shampoo and other toiletries at hand.

With the products of the Euphoria series, you can also bring colours to your bathroom. In addition to the classic chrome finish, the shower systems and sets are available in colours such as cool sunrise, warm sunset, nickel, hard graphite and super steel. If you would like to see more products in these colours, visit our GROHE Colours page.

What Types of Jets Are Available for Euphoria Series Showerheads?

GROHE shower head jets for an innovative bathroom 

GROHE jets have been selected to create a unique shower experience. The Euphoria series models can be equipped with 3 types of jets:

The Champagne Spray provides a luxurious feeling. The jet produces larger and softer drops by enriching the water with air bubbles.

The GROHE Rain Spray is wide and generous. Like a warm summer rain, the smooth and soft pattern of the jet caresses your skin.

The SmartRain Spray is similar to the classic Rain Spray, but with a lower flow rate. This reduces water consumption, but the pleasure of showering remains.

As the name suggests, the Massage Spray is ideal for relaxing the head and neck.The pulsating water jet provides a pleasant massage. The circular, concentrated Jet Spray is perfect for stimulating the skin and is also suitable for massage.

Technologically Advanced Showers for a Busy Lifestyle

Innovative technology for a luxurious bathing experience

Amazing technologies used in the GROHE Euphoria shower series:

GROHE Euphoria shower system features innovative technology for a luxurious bathing experience.

GROHE's DreamSpray technology ensures a perfect by distributing evenly water flow from all the nozzles. When paired with EcoJoy technology, water saving is ensured.

The SprayDimmer technology reduces the water consumption by up to 40%. Besides, installation is quicker, easier and safer with QuickFix.

GROHE Euphoria shower head has StarLight chrome surface that ensures a lasting shine and easy to clean feature.

To learn more about the features, read the product description.

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