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Elements For Washbasins

GROHE Elements for Washbasins

Give Your Basin Extra Support with GROHE Washbasin Frame

Durable and high-quality material

When considering a bathroom renovation idea, the washbasin plays an important role. A wall-hung washbasin makes the bathroom area much more appealing and utilizes the available space in a better way. So if you plan to install a wall-mounted wash basin, you’ll need a reliable and strong basin frame that holds the wall-hung washbasin exactly where it is to be placed while a base structure is being built. >>Read more

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A mounting frame for wall-hung wash basins serves as a backbone for your beautiful bathroom fixtures. Explore the wide range of GROHE wash basin frames that are made from quality materials that ensure durability and value for money.

Practical and Clean Appearance

Conceals the bathroom pipes, available in different versions

With GROHE's Rapid SL sanitary system, the bathroom renovation can be completed in no time. The great advantage of these fixing frames is their simple and quick installation. On one hand, the system is an installation area for water and drainage pipes and on the other hand, it is a mounting frame that supports and holds the sanitary ware in place. Thus, all ugly pipes are hidden behind the wall, leaving only the essential elements visible. It gives a modern and clean appearance to your bathroom. Rapid SL fixing frames are available in different versions: for toilets, bidets, urinals and basins.

A wall hung basin not just looks great but saves a lot of space in your bathroom. The GROHE elements for washbasin offer quality in functionality and its promise of durability is unsurpassed. Here are some of the benefits of installing a GROHE support frame for your wall-mounted washbasin:

  • GROHE Rapid SL ensures an easy and secure installation of wall-hung washbasins. The steel frame is certified to hold loads of up to 150kg.

  • GROHE universal concealed installation system for wall-hung sanitary ware opens new possibilities for bathroom layouts. Indeed, Rapid SL can be installed both in front of a solid wall and within a stud wall.

  • Several fixing frames can be mounted. For example, one could imagine a bath-shower area separated by a half wall where a wall-hung basin, toilet and bidet would be fixed to it.

  • The models are offered in different versions according to the type of taps. They are also available in two installation heights.

Advanced technology that enables quiet operation

Easy and Hassle-free Installations

All GROHE concealed sanitary systems are equipped with amazing advanced technology that keeps GROHE ahead in the area of home improvement. These technologies are inspired by your modern lifestyle and are engineered to make your life easy. Check out the technologies that backs the GROHE wall hung wash basin frames:

  • GROHE QuickFix

GROHE's technical solutions are easy to install and quick to install thanks to extensive study and research. To address this, GROHE developed GROHE QuickFix®. The QuickFix® system ensures simple installation of shower riser rails by allowing the distance between brackets to be adjusted. Your old mounting holes can be used, saving you the time and effort of drilling additional holes and possibly damaging your tiles.

  • GROHE Whisper

GROHE’s innovative technology values your peace of mind and comfort, which is why the advanced GROHE Whisper technology works best with the concealed cistern feature that delivers whisper quiet acoustics. It refers to technical optimizations which prevent noise from passing through the building's structure. This ensures quiet operation and complete freedom in the design of your bathroom.

GROHE also offers a huge collection of countertop washbasins, which you can find here. With the latest styles, configurations, and available series, you will get the best for your bathroom ideas. To check out the wall hung basin frames from other brands, click here.


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