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Single Lever Shower Taps (concealed)

GROHE Concealed Single Lever Shower Taps for a Functional Bathroom

Single lever concealed shower taps- Space saving and easy to operate

Single lever concealed shower taps are extremely popular, especially suited for those bathrooms that are modern and have limited space. However, there are endless options for shower taps, yet, single lever shower taps concealed by GROHE are all minimalistic and attractive add-ons to any regular bathroom. >>Read more

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Why Choose a GROHE Single Lever Shower Taps?

Precision and clarity of design that empowers creativity of a modern bathroom

GROHE single lever shower mixer range is modern not just in looks but in concept too. It has minimalistic aesthetics which is ideal for any type of bathroom - creating clear and precise definition. Moreover, if you want to de-clutter your bathing space, investing on GROHE single lever shower taps is a great option.

The single lever shower faucet by GROHE is especially designed for someone who wants to make the best of their small, cosy bathroom. At times, it can be difficult to use a small shower space with an exposed single lever shower mixer as you might hurt yourself or get knocked while showering, reducing the pressure of the water or maybe while changing the temperature of the water. At such a point, single lever concealed shower taps allow you to maximize the space.

Additionally, if you are upgrading your shower tiles or a complete bathroom renovation, the GROHE single lever shower mixer is a great pick. It will immediately transform the entire look and feel of your new bathroom.

Attractive Features that Elevates the Look of Your Bathroom

Relaxing and adjustable faucet range by GROHE

The GROHE single lever shower faucet range comes with an adjustable temperature limiter that allows you to have a relaxing and comfortable showering experience, no matter the weather outside.

This unique single lever shower mixer also has an adjustable flow limiter, which helps you save water. Now that you can adjust the water flow to be gentle or more powerful, you will not waste water but save it.

This wall-mounted concealed single lever shower taps also comes with a backflow preventer which prevents the water flow from flowing in a reverse direction.

These single lever shower taps are powered by GROHE SilkMove cartridge technology making controlling easy and smooth. It also has chrome coating or GROHE StarLight that makes cleaning easy for you.

Single lever shower taps by GROHE come with several added benefits. These taps are engineered for proper function and to remain concealed behind the tiling of your shower enclosure. So, the only visible part is the control plate and the handles. One of the most amazing benefits of installing a single lever shower mixer is that it masks any ugly pipework and fittings to create a more pleasing view overall.

Another great advantage of having a single lever bath shower mixer tap installed is that it allows the flexibility of design, meaning you can be quite picky when it comes to choosing shaped wall plates and the different handle options.

Wide Range of Series and Shades to Choose From

Extensive collection of shower taps with fabulous shades

The GROHE single lever shower taps are available in a huge collection of series such as Atrio, Eurocube, Eurosmart, Essence, Lineare, Garandera, Rapid SmartBox, and Plus. You will find these taps for 1 to 3 outlets depending on your requirement. There are attractive colours such as chrome, brushed cool sunrise, brushed hard graphite, brushed nickel, brushed warm sunset, cool sunrise, hard graphite, nickel, warm sunset, moon white, and gold.

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